Wanderers FC

Wanderers was one of the first football clubs, founded in 1859 by Old Harrovians (former pupils in Harrow School). The club was one of the dominant forces in the early British football and won the very first FA Cup in 1872.

Basic facts

Founded: 1859
Country: England
City: London

Main trophies

FA Cup: 5


The club was originally named Forest, but changed name to Wanderers Football Club in 1860. As the name implies, the team was not homebased and had to play their matches on different grounds.

In these days, many clubs were founded by old pupils in a school where football had been played. This was also the case of Wanderers that was founded by players who had been pupils in the Harrow School in Harrow, London. The school is also known for its own code of football referred to as Harrow football.

The club was dissolved already in in 1883, five years before the establishment of the Football League. It was reformed in 2009, but the second phase have been without the same importance as of the historical London club that became a five times FA Cup winner in the 1870s.

By Oscar Anderson

The Ball is Round: A Global History of Football – David Goldblatt (2008)