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There are tons of websites covering the news in the football world. Yet, there are not as many that brings facts about the history of the game. FootballHistory.org was created with that purpose.

FootballHistory.org is a project – launched in 2015 and still in process – that aims to dig into the history of football in a broad way. The site covers the biggest tournaments, the most significant clubs and the players that have entertained the fans the most.

I, who is responsible for the site, have a long interest for the game and dim memories that goes back to the broadcast games from the World Cup in 1986. Since the ambition is to create a site with quality and also one with extensive contents, people much more merited than me in writing about the game have been engaged to contribute with articles.

One of the main contributors is Dimitris Basias, who is an experience football writer and specialized on Eastern European football. He has been a writer for Metrosport, a sports newspaper in Greece. Also, he has been writing football news from home and as a correspondent in Southeast Asia. Besides Southeast Asia, Dimitris has covered the World Cup in Brazil 2014 and other events.

On the site, there are also statistical articles. Some of these is created by Hitesh Kumar, who is author to several books on football and cricket stats.

Please put in mind, that the site is still expanding and so far lacks information in many instances. You are welcome to suggest improvements and additional subjects on the site (go to Contact us-page).

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