Champions League

The UEFA Champions League came about as a new version of the European Cup and was played for the first time in the 1992-1993 season. Already established as the most prestigious club tournament in football, Champions League has become even more popular with the introduction of the new tournament set-up. The new concept has a resemblance to the FIFA World Cup with an early phase, including group play followed by a second knockout phase. Champions League have over the years expanded on several occasions to include more teams - the initial 8 teams have become 32 (qualification phases excluded).

Winners and runners-up

All the finals in the history of the Champions League.

Season Winner Runner-up
2016-2017 Real Madrid Juventus
2015-2016 Real Madrid Atlético Madrid
2014-2015 Barcelona Juventus
2013-2014 Real Madrid Atlético Madrid
2012-2013 Bayern Munich Borussia Dortmund
2011-2012 Chelsea Bayer Munich
2010-2011 Barcelona Manchester United
2009-2010 Internazionale Bayern Munich
2008-2009 Barcelona Manchester United
2007-2008 Manchester United Chelsea
2006-2007 Milan Liverpool
2005-2006 Barcelona Arsenal
2004-2005 Liverpool Milan
2003-2004 Porto Monaco
2002-2003 Real Madrid Juventus
2001-2002 Real Madrid Bayer Leverkusen
2000-2001 Bayern Munich Valencia
1999-2000 Real Madrid Valencia
1998-1999 Manchester Unitedd Valencia
1997-1998 Real Madrid Juventus
1996-1997 Borussia Dortmund Juventus
1995-1996 Juventus Ajax
1994-1995 Ajax Milan
1993-1994 Milan Barcelona
1992-1993 Marseille Milan


If the precessor, European Cup, is not counted the Champions League started in 1992. Although, when statistics are presented for Champions League it is common that Champions League and European League are accumulated.

The big change besides the new name was that a group phase was replacing the round-robin format. In the development of the tournament a hybrid-form of group play and round-robin has evolved.

Development of format and participating teams

In the first edition (1992-1993) the tournament consisted of 8 teams after a qualification phase. The eight teams were playing in two groups followed by a final between the group winners.

The first season was in total 36 participating in the qualification, since when the numbers has increased.
In the third edition of the Champions League (1994-1995), the tournament expanded to 16 teams (excluding the qualification). The format consisted of a group phase with four groups followed by three knockout stages.

In season 1997-1998 another expansion added more teams and 24 teams (excluding the qualification) participated. A group phase, including six groups was followed by a knockout phase in three stages.
In season 1999-2000 the tournament expanded for the third time and this time to include 32 teams (excluding the qualification). Now the team was divided into eight groups, which followed by a second group stage and finally a knockout stage.

In season 2014-1025, the second group phase was abandoned. Instead, another stage (Round of 16) in the knockout phase was played.


These clubs have won the most titles in the Champions League, the predecessor European Cup excluded.

Club Titles
Real Madrid 6
Barcelona 4
Milan 3
Bayern Munich 3
Manchester United 2

Most the times runners-up are Juventus (5), Milan (3) and Bayern Munich (3). Manchester United, Valencia and Atlético Madrid have also lost the final more than once.